Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm so excited to see our first postings! If anyone is having any trouble logging on, please let Renee or I know.

So, I tried Heavenly Sweat at Lyfe studio this Monday, and it was very interesting. Kim the teacher is very excited to have Lulu girls take her class. She was wearing the wonder unders. There were about 15 in the class, and I counted 9 in Lulu.

I would be careful when taking her class. It is very fast paced and hard to keep up with her. She moves at warped speed!

I took the adult Ballet at The Studio of Art of Dance in El Segundo. I love Christy! She is great, and very excited about her connection with Lululemon. Jill and I are hoping to talk to her about applying for Ambassadorship.

Tonight after work, I joined Paige, Brynn and Hilary for a Hip Hop class at Spectrum. It was fun but some challenging moves! I tried not to embarrass my girls too much. Hilary and I were partnered during the dance. Can you stand it?

Wed. I will work on my teacher training for the Barre Physique. I'm pretty excited about it. I know that some of you have taken Jill's class. Way to support her.

I continue to log in the miles for my 3 day walk. so far 7 miles is the longest one. They keep increasing each week.

Well, I'm pooped, so have a sweet night!

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